Waltzing through Wien

So the Pride parade happened on the second day we were in Vienna, but it was so much fun I thought it should be front and centre…

Your intrepid bloggeurs, the Melbourne Wankers, were eased into Vienna by the comforting presence of a flat white purveyor adjacent their lofty Airbnb. 

We were staying just up the hill from the Museum Quarter, so decided to start walking and explore the city. Here we stumbled on a food truck festival and design market!

Refuelled, we were ready to find out what Vienna had to offer. It turns out that what Vienna has to offer is FANCINESS. Everywhere you turn, you’re faced with something fancier than before. Gold! Sculptures! Marble! I regretted not packing my powdered wig.

Palaces? Nah, museums…


Palace? No, it’s a library…

For such fancy people they were very fond of angry statues…


And they were big Harry Potter fans…

So fancy and golden!

I did a bit of reading though – this is the Pestsäule or Plague Column. Joyful! It memorialises the end of the outbreak of Plague in Vienna in the 1600s. Good times!

Wandering around the winding streets of Innere Stadt you can find all sorts of interesting things! Like this Australian pub, which served Fosters and our famous traditional snack of grasshoppers. Yes, you too can spend €9 on 8 “fair dinkum” grilled de-winged Australian grasshoppers. I guess this could be the way to make the most of a locust plague? You could set up locust and chip shops, and charge $3 for minimum locusts. 

We elected to have schnitties and Austrian beer for lunch instead! This is Rob waiting for schnitties and this is my beer. I ate the schnitty instead of taking a photo… I can assure you it was delicious (from Gasthaus Pöschl if you’re after one in Vienna). 

Next up: Museums!


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