Art-sy Farht-sy

We spent a morning getting cultured, like a fine sauerkraut, at the Leopold Museum for contemporary Austrian art. I particularly enjoyed the comparative exhibition between Edwin Wurm and Carl Spitzweg, and Wurm’s “Self-Portrait as Pickle”. He is as individual as a single pickle, but still Austrian:

The Leopold has a great room displaying maps of Vienna through different eras, and with a big window where you can look out over the old city.

I’d also had grand plans for patting all the cats of Europe, but had not seen a single one… Rob says this doesn’t count, and neither do any of the cats I saw in paintings at the museums:

To balance out the modern art with some Austrian art from all ages, we also decided to visit the Schloss Belvedere. Oooh, a palace! And my chance to see Klimt’s Kiss, which was so prominent on napkins and magnets and t-shirts across the city…


That’s a well-worn statue:

I recommend going to the Belvedere during any time but summer. It was hard to enjoy or even get a good look at The Kiss because every tour led by an umbrella-wielding guide was taking selfies with it. I didn’t see the point, especially since a photograph doesn’t show up the gold leaf. I did think it was interesting that the gallery had made a relief sculpture of the painting, so that visually impaired people could experience the painting as well:

I also enjoyed this painting from 1821. Look at that watermelon! You’ve changed a lot over the years little watermelon.

After museum-ing, we decided to go on a non-art adventure. Stay tuned!

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