Vienna Pride!

As it turns out, we had arrived in Vienna during Pride week, and were lucky enough to enjoy the Pride parade!

We could hear the parade dancing its way down the Ringstraße, the music reverberating around the Museum Quarter and up the hill. When we arrived we’d caught the final ten floats, so we decided to walk down the Ringstraße and catch up with the rest. Rob had the opportunity to take some great photos with his fancy camera! I contributed Pride Puppy. He kept getting distracted by pats. 


  1. Liz

    Wonderful! I love the “Homo hipsters” and the Pride puppy. good to see Dykes on Bikes are a global phenomenon. What a great event to share in.


    1. Claire

      I had some photos of the “Gay Illuminati” group as well, but my photos were crap. They were all wearing tin foil hats and had a sign that said “Build that Glory Hole Wall”. They were my favourite.


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