Munich – Platz Laps

We arrive in Munich at 7am on Tuesday, grumpy and undercaffeinated. Past-Me had made a fantastic decision, and selected the early check-in option at the hotel. Showers! Summer clothes! 
Being committed Melbourne wankers, we armed ourselves with a U-Bahn ticket and went in search of coffee. Rob, determined to get something good, set his sights on Man vs. Machine. We put our faith in Google Maps to get us there, but when you take a wrong turn it redirects you… Aside from coffee, walking in circles is also a good way to wake up. It also turns out that we’d walked halfway back to the hotel… But anyway, we found it! Restorative FLAT WHITES. 

With our Melburnian powers activated, it was time for some Platz Laps. Petersplatz, Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz… We climbed all 13 stories of St. Peter’s Church tower, explored the Viktualienmarkt and rewarded ourselves with a Schneider Weisse, pork and potato. We wandered the cobblestone laneways with an unusually high number of people dressed like Axl Rose and Slash (ready for that night’s concert), and we dodged the ruthless Munich cyclists. 

An A+ selfie with St Peter’s Church tower… there were a lot of stairs!

But the view is worth it!

I enjoyed spying on these people re-coppering the roof…

The first beer!


    1. Claire

      Yes, definitely! I’ve had some delicious ginger lemonade as well. I’m going to do an update on Prague – they are very keen on fruity lemonades there (ginger, mint, raspberry…) which I enjoyed!


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